Investing in your Future 🤔

Have you seen all those ads which are telling you that if you buy a very expensive product you will have the option to make insane amount of money only by referring your friends?

Have you participated in any of them? Well... Most probably you know just like us that they are scam and the only thing that will change is your bank account.

In this story we WON'T ask you to buy any "bio" product or donate 500 bucks in order to be able to change something.

Instead here we'll tell you why it's worth it to invest in you, your time and the future which will left after you.

You are the one who matters!

How much time a day do you spend for yourself? Maybe you are going to the gym or maybe you are watching series in Netflix after work. But let's be honest, do you feel fulfilled with this way of life?

If your answer is yes then you can close this post right now. But something tells us that since you are here, you are someone from the other part of the humanity. You are someone with a vision and desires to accomplish more than going to work from nine to five, five days a week through your entire life. Is that correct?

That's right, you are an innovator just like us! And this is the reason why is live now. For people like you!

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We've mentioned something about investment, what is it?

Since you are part of the the people who have a vision we are glad to share with you what we see for the near future.

Having your memories in picture on the social media is great but a simple photo cannot share the whole story of a moment. Don't you think that if someone could re-tell you every moment that happened it'll make you feel better and remember all those memories in a more unique way?

With ExMoment you can accomplish this task. Here you can create a virtual copy of yourself and teach it to think like you. Here we believe that if a person can contain their memories within their Virtual Avatar that's the first step to immortality.

But this story is not about the Virtual Avatars even if they are one of the greatest innovations recently, already admired by many.

At the beginning I was sceptic about the idea… But during the testing of the app I realized that my thoughts and memories will live in it for my kids and grandkids. Thank you ExMoment! - Olivia, Mother of Twins

As we are all humans only virtual products doesn't satisfy our needs enough. That's why we started to think what can be done with your Virtual Avatar in order to have it in the physical world.

And one night at the office our CEO came up with an amazing idea. The idea was to create a life like robot which to have your avatar loaded in its head. This was a game changer!

This will allow you to have your thoughts and memories contained not only in the virtual world but you will also be able to see and speak with yourself in the real world. Isn't that exciting?

Here comes the investment part. Since no one have created such a thing to the moment we have to re-invent the todays technology in order to make it happen. And for this we need a partner, a partner who we see in you! Helping us with a very small amount we are promising you that we'll accomplish great things together!

As we told you in the beginning we won't offer you to buy expensive products and we WON'T left you empty handed only with the idea of having a great product some day. That's why we created a place you could choose the amount which is reasonable for you to invest at our Patreon page.

In return you'll receive:

  1. FREE access to your Virtual Avatar in order to start training it today!
  2. You will be in direct touch with the development process with our weekly Development Operations Newsletter!
  3. You will be mentioned as our partner. Partner who is ready to make the difference!
  4. And most importantly. Every month you'll learn new interesting things from the world of Artificial Intelligence presented to you directly from our CEO in a live calls every Sunday!

Sound fair to you?

Let's start with it and change the world together!

Invest now change the World Today