MakeMillion with ExMoment 🔥

We are extremely happy to announce that from today (7th of April 2019) our partnership program is officially live and ready for action! 💰

In this short post we'll try to explain as much details as possible regarding how it works and how it's connected to

First things, first!

We thought really hard about the name of our affiliate program and how to make it more memorable. After few long nights we called it MakeMillion.

Because we believe that if you "sink your teeth" deep into the idea of ExMoment you'll have the amazing possibility to change the world with us and make a desired million or even more!

How does it work?

We make sure that our partnership program will be perfect! And by perfect we mean that it's easy to understand, beautiful and have the greatest commission out there! You see? Perfect!

First you'll need to create your profile. Don't worry our program is not like the most "partnership programs" out there where you should use their product in order to advertise it!

You need a profile in ExMoment in order for our affiliate program to collect your data easily only by your email address. You don't have to train your avatar or renew your account in order to gain access to all of the marketing materials and blog posts. However we strongly encourage our partners to use the app at least during the free trial to understand its functionalities better and love it even more! 💕

Once your create and activate your ExMoment profile you are ready to go to where you'll be able to open your partner profile, simply by entering the email which you've used to create your ExMoment account. Our platform is smartly connected to ExMoment and it'll automatically pull your personal data into your affiliate account.

When the above steps are done you'll gain access to everything available in the eco system of ExMoment.

  1. Beautiful Dashboard with all the necessary data about commission, registrations and marketing materials
  2. Accurate and transparent Commission History tab where you can track all of the payments and registrations which you received for previous months
  3. Simple Bank Settings where you'll be able to add and update your Revolut account banking setup. We'll send your commission there in order to save you the annoying transaction fees!
  4. Detailed Profile Settings tab were you can edit your personal information at every time. We are up 24/7, 367 days in the year!

Finished with the review of your profile? Great! Now you can grab a link to the ExMoment app or some blog post which contains your unique affiliate id in it and paste it in your website or any social media which you are using. That's it. You are ready to start earning our olympic commission. Simple as 1, 2, 3! 🤩

What is the commission of ExMoment?

We are glad you made it up to here! As we said above we have one of the greatest commissions our there - 65%!

So here are the numbers!

When you bring a new user to ExMoment and he/she renews his profile after the first week of trial you'll receive 50% of the plan which he/she choose! 1st time Renewal Commission

What about the other 15%?

As we promised in the beginning you'll earn 65% from each user which you've brought to! On the first renewal you'll get 50% and on every next renewal you'll get 15% of the renewal plan as a passive income. Recurring User Renewal Commission

The renewal plans vary from €9.99/month, €48/6 months to €84/year!

What is my strategy?

Well only you can tell us! But we can give you a suggestion how to start.

We believe that you should target to bring more and more new users each month, so you'll get the most of their first time profile renewal and this will bring you a good amount of recurring users which will give your 15% of their profile plan as a passive income each month! Did you get it? Bring once, receive for life! 😍

How will you receive your money?

Last but not least. We'll send you, your money to your Revolut account.

Don't worry! It's free to open your account. We choose to work with Revolut in order to save you the expensive transaction fees which every other bank in the world has!

Why paying someone else from your money when you can join the revolution for FREE? 🚀

Are you ready to change the world?

We hope you understood most of the important stuff for our partnership program! You still can find even more information about it at also feel free to write us on our Affiliate Manager Email -

See you soon in the moment of future!