Moment of Quests

We've been working extremely hard for the last few months to create interesting and engaging quests for you inside the ExMoment ECO System. And today is the day we are officially ready to introduce you the whole new system working together with all of the features like avatar trainingdiary stories and friend invitations. Designed to bring more satisfaction for you, during your journey in the ExMoment ECO System.

Fantastic Quests and Where to Find Them

In ExMoment we decided to break the stereotype of hard and time consuming tasks which were spread all over the world of gaming. So we designed our quests to be simple, straight forward and easy to achieve!

Starting with where to find your quest.

ExMoment Quests and Leveling

When you login to your profile in the top section you'll see your current level and experience orb next to your avatar. In order to have everything within one screen, we put the daily quest inside the orb. To open it, just click it and it'll load your quest screen.

There you'll find your avatar next to your current level and experience orb, your daily quest and the rewards which you are going to receive upon completion.

Completing quests is the easiest and most sufficient way to collect future coins which can be exchanged for free month subscription (500 future coins = 1 month subscription).

Why we called our quests - Daily Quests?

In order to make the experience more interesting and challenging we designed the quests to be unlocked day by day. So to unlock your quest and collect the rewards, you should finish all the requirements within one day.

Once you collect your reward a new quest will be grabbed for you. Based on your experience and interactions the ExMoment app will provide you with the most challenging one.

What should you do if the quest is too harsh?

Of course we know time matters, so if you decide your daily quest cannot be done. You can contact our support team at and we'll replace your quest right away, giving you the experience points from the quest as a reward!

What do you think?

Are your ready to find all of the Fantastic Quests and Rewards of ExMoment?