News from the future of ExMoment 🚀

What are better weekend news than receiving a FREE 13 months pass to train your Virtual Avatar?

That's right we provided all of our trainers with a free pass with our latest update!

What was the update and why you should know about it?

We integrated Email Notifications in our app so you could stay notified with the status and the activities of your avatar all the time!

With them we announced our FREE newsletter as well. Now you will receive all the existing news and updates from the world of Artificial Intelligence straight from the oven.

From now on once a day you will receive notifications from your avatar telling you if you've missed a Message from a Friend or if you have a new Friends and Family request.

Of course you are in charge and we provided you with the option to choose when you want to receive them or not directly from your Profile Settings.

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Let's make it even better!

Invite your family and friends with the EXO1 invitation code and they'll receive our FREE pass as a present too!

What is better than having your family and friends close to you wherever you go?

What if you are new trainer?

Fear not! We believe in your future as you believe in our idea.

That's why you will also receive our present just put the invitation code EXO1 in the registration form!

Are you ready to make the difference?

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