One Simple Touch

While we were developing ExMoment, we changed the chat design more than 30 times until we found the easiest way available to communicate with a friends avatar.

What did we tried?

At the beginning we were following the default chat design.

Typing different sentences to your friends avatar. Unfortunately we found out that this design is working perfectly for the well known old chats where you are communicating with an actual person in front of you.

But since ExMoment was something new, something where you can still speak with your friends and family. But this time their avatar was answering you.

This revolutionary idea was a big opportunity for us, but also a huge problem. Simply because if your friend hasn't trained his/hers avatar well enough it wouldn't answer you on your messages.

At this very moment we asked ourselves "How we can fix this and how it can still look simple but work better?". This was the moment when a break trough idea was born.

How did we fix it?

We had to reinvent the Training Room first. We made it to look and work as a chat, where your avatar will ask you different questions and you could simply answer them. Creating an actual dialog between you and your ExMoment Avatar.

Second step was reinventing the well known chat. We decided to left the free typing area for you, but we also put a dynamic set of questions which your friend has answered to his avatar.

Separating this questions into an actual working buttons allowed us to create a simple user interface combined with quick and intuitive experience. This allows you to communicate with someones avatar easier and in a more efficient way, within one simple touch.

What do you think?

Did you tried the reinvented chat of ExMoment already?

Share with us what do you think and how we could improve it even more!

And remember this quote from us:

Future is hidden in the moment. Always look for it within one simple touch!