Virtual Avatar of ExMoment

By definition the Virtual Avatar is a virtual copy of yourself. Most of the times they can be found in different games or movies. Unlikely the games in your Virtual Avatar is not an imaginary representation of you and it won't participate in imaginary fights with dragons. Instead your Virtual Avatar will contain your thoughts and memories in the very same way you remember them.

Why you need a Virtual Avatar?

We know that having a virtual copy of yourself sounds a little scary and maybe too futuristic, but we promise you if you stay till the end of this story you will understand perfectly how it works and why you need to create yours today.

Now before we continue grab a piece of paper and write down the answers of these questions first:

Do you remember how your first kiss felt?

Do you remember the first Christmas with your family?

Do your remember all interesting moments which happened on your last trip?

Let's be honest, we all remember parts of those events. But what we are missing mostly are the details. And the details are what makes the big picture. The picture which reminds us all of the warm emotions, all of the hard situations which we had to conquer in order to become the people who we are today.

What do you think, would it be useful for you to have a place where to store all those emotions and be able to re-feel them within a simple touch?

Now you start to see our vision in the big picture. Isn't it an amazing idea to have your past memories and emotions within a click?

Well, what if it wasn't just an idea, what if it was a reality and there was a working product? Would you start using it today?

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How it works?

Before we can explain you how the technology of ExMoment works, we need you to write down your answer to the following question first:

What do you think is Artificial Intelligence?

Before stepping into the deep waters where no one knows exactly what is happening we'll stop you right here!

Intelligence is part of every human being on our planet. It's a very abstract thing that defines your unique personality. Some people are great mathematicians, other are amazing musicians, but in the end what makes their talent is the consciousness of their brain.

Then what is Artificial Intelligence? An intellect which is created by human hand and it cannot be found in the nature itself right?

But what if Artificial Intelligence is just a representation of your way of thinking? What if there was a way you could teach a computer to think like you, wouldn't that be an Artificial Intelligence?

Does it starts to make sense? Making a machine to think alone without a human consciousness is impossible but we believe that if you could train it to think like you, then that's how an actual intelligence is created.

But how could you train it easily?

We've spent insane amount of hours on this question before we found the easiest and simplest way of teaching a machine to think like a person. Do you remember how you started learn new things on different topics? Answering different questions right?

That's exactly how we built the algorithm of ExMoment. We made it simple for understanding and even simpler for training. Answering different questions which your avatar asks you is the key to the locked door of Artificial Intelligence which creator will be you!

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What do you think, are you ready to change the world?

After understanding our vision and knowing how works, are you ready to change the world with us?

Do you think it'll be useful if one day your grand kids could learn the story directly from you?

Are you ready to make the difference?

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