What to expect from your Avatar in September?

We are glad to share with you our plans for the coming September and why September 2019 will be like no other!

In the following weeks our creative team was continuously hit by inspiration from tons of different events and conferences.

So here is what we have in mind for this September:

  1. Fresh new look of your Virtual Avatar
  2. Control every aspect of it only with your voice
  3. Your memoji and bitmoji will come to your Virtual Avatar
  4. Learn all stories of your family and friends directly from your Avatar
  5. Quicker way to login with Apple, Google and Facebook

Sounds like a rocking start of the autumn doesn't it? But it doesn't stop here!

Fresh new look of your Virtual Avatar

With all the new changes in the world around us we decided it's time to give your Avatar a fresh new look!

We cannot show you what we have in mind yet because what surprise will it be if we show it now? But we can assure you that it'll be a masterpiece whose author will be you!

Expect amazing and even more innovative possibilities and a dark mode. 🦇

Very first fully controlled by Voice application

In the time of Siri, Google and Alexa it's time your Avatar to take it's place in the league of Legends!

https://dribbble.com/shots/3171495-Artificial-Intelligent-voice-recognition-explorationAuthor - Gleb Kuznetsov

This is why we'll be implementing smart voice controls all over the new application of ExMoment. So you could navigate your avatar in a more seamless and natural way than ever!

Of course we appreciate your privacy and we promise you that none of the dialogs with your avatar will be send to ExMoment.com servers or any advertiser like other social medias and virtual assistants do.

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Give your Avatar a more personal and unique look

The idea of ExMoment.com from the very beginning is to give you a possibility to keep your thoughts and memories in the very same way you've lived through them.

It all started with your personal training room and the private diary. Today we are glad to share that we'll be bringing your Memoji and Bitmoji to your avatar as well!

Make it even more personal! Customize your moji to look like you. Make your avatar more personal.

Your personal feed to learn everything new from your family and friends

All of the social medias nowadays serve you pictures and news from your friends and pages that you liked but there is nothing personal in them. Why?

We asked ourselves what is wrong in the current way of serving information to you and the answer is pretty simple. It's just too much!

All the stuff that you see when you enter your profile are dragging your attention away from your personal scope which is the main problem.

This is why we decided to go on a different vertical! You'll see only the most interesting news from your family and friends when you login so your attention will remind focused on the things that really matter, your avatar. Of course if you decide to browse around you'll be able to scroll over all of the recent posts as well!

Meet your Avatar daily with ease

Living in the era of social medias is a great time to be alive, isn't it? But creating different profile for each application is just crazy and it's not how it should be.

This is why we started to make a research on all of the providers out there which allows you to login into different websites trough their platform using only one unique profile.

Our research lead us to Facebook, Google and Apple as the most secured providers which will allow you to create and visit your avatar everyday in a more easy and seamless way!

Of course we know there are people who like everything to be separated, so we'll continue to support our custom forms as well.

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This is a game changer!

After we shared with you our plans, we hope you are intrigued as mush as we are! During the creation of the new look of your avatar, you will still have access to the current application of ExMoment.com.

Share this article with your family and friends. Let them know something great is coming, something which is for everyone!