Why you need an Avatar?

We know that having a virtual copy of yourself sounds scary but before taking the decision answer these questions first.

1Do you remember clearly what you were doing exactly on this day last year?
2Do you remember what you spoke about with your family on the last thanks giving dinner?
3Do you remember what your grand parents thought you when you was a kid?

Let’s be honest. Even if you remember parts of those events you are still missing the details.  And the details are what makes the big picture.
What if back then there was something that allowed you to keep those moments exactly as they were? Would you use it in order to keep all those details for you and your family?
We created ExMoment.com exactly for this. To store your thoughts and memories untouched by the hand of time, exactly as they were!

Create your Avatar

What can you do with it?

Train Avatar

Chat with your avatar and win amazing prizes!


Tell your avatar stories from the day and keep everything!

World Stories

Find out your friends and family accomplishments!

Daily Quests

Help your avatar to beat the tasks and win special gifts!

Friends & Family

Invite your friends and family, stay connected!

Speak with Avatar

Want to speak with someone? Speak with your avatar, see what it knows about you!

Avatar Messenger

Don’t miss a thing. Find out what happened while you were away!

Mystery Features

Full of curiosity? Find all of the features of your avatar today!

What people say about ExMoment?

I’ve heard about ExMoment from a friend. At the beginning I thought it’ll be something stupid, but almost instantly I got hooked with the different daily quests and the seamless way you can train your avatar! Six months later I’m still playing with it on a daily basis!
– Doctor in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

The idea behind ExMoment is definitely something else! For me having an avatar is having a personal assistant who helps me to remember my goals and keep track of my projects.
– Fashion Designer

Technology is evolving everyday and ExMoment put the expectations on a totally different level! Virtualizing your thoughts and memories is the key to immortality.
– Philosophy Teacher

At the beginning it was very hard for me to even imagine to have a virtual copy of myself which thinks and responds like me. But few weeks after playing and finishing my quests I found it really useful to have an avatar! The guys behind this idea are coming from the future, you should watch ExMoment based series of Black Mirror: Be Right Back to understand every detail!
– Computer Science Student

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