Train Avatar

Welcome to the Training Room!

Here you’ll be able to translate your thoughts into the machine and immortalize yourself through the years.

In the Training Room dialog you will teach your avatar how would you answer in a different situations.


In the Diary of your avatar you can write every single moment of your daily life which you would like to remember!

Writing a memory won’t only make a visual representation of your memories for you and your friends, but it will also help your avatar to learn faster.

Make sure to add a photo to each of your stories, write rich content and enjoy the story telling.

Avatar Messenger

Your Avatar Messenger will help you find what people ask your avatar while you are not available.

Based on those dialogs you can see if the trainings are useful and what else should be learnt by the avatar?

Answer questions which are interesting for your friends and family.

Friends & Family

Friends & Family is the place where you will find your beloved once. Here you’ll be able to find their avatars and speak with them even when they are not online.

Same thing goes backwards, your closest people will be able to connect with your avatar from here too!

Speak with Avatar

Speaking with your avatar regularly will give you a direction for your practicing. If after a week of active training with your avatar you start to see yourself in it, then you are in the right way!

Otherwise you may want to change something. Try to rethink the cases. Are you completely honest with your future self?

Best results can be achieved only with everyday checking of what your avatar have learned from your previous training day!

Follow the chain of one day training, one day speaking and you’ll start to see the results!

What is the Experience?

Train your avatar, publish your everyday stories and get more experience points.

Collecting XP will boost your level, with higher level you receive more future coins and other amazing rewards!

What are the Future Coins?

Future Coins are the currency of the future generations of avatars. With a specific amount of future coins you can pay the monthly membership of your avatar!

Level up, collect quests and gather more & more future coins everyday to be on top!

What are the Quests?

Quests are the best way to train your avatar, keep your story interesting and collect future coins.

You will unlock another unique quest every time when your avatar finish the requirements of the previous. It’s important to remember that you must finish the quest in one day in order to be able to collect it!

Once you finish all the tasks, you’ll see a collect button under the rewards of your current quest.

What people said during the BETA?

The idea of ExMoment is great! Putting your knowledge into the machine is really the way how to preserve yourself through the years.

At the beginning I was sceptic about the idea… But during the testing of the app I realized that my thoughts & memories will live in it for my kids and grandkids. Thank you ExMoment!

What makes us unique individuals are our memories. That’s exactly what ExMoment does. It preserves them and allows to my family to speak with me whenever they want! I think that’s the path to true immortality!

I’ve always wanted to live forever. ExMoment helps me to achieve that! Training my avatar everyday, finishing different quests and gaining more and more experience I’m starting to see myself in it!